There is more than one way to treat pain!

We work hard to find the right pain treatment for your condition.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Well of course we do! It's in our name, it's what we do. Dr. Fritz uses manual diversified technique whenever possible. However, he understands that not all patients want, or tolerate manual adjusting and has a wide range other techniques at his disposal including instrument (activator) adjusting, drop table, and Flextion/Distraction.


Decompression can be used to treat neck or low back pains associated with arthritis, herniated or bulging discs, sciatica, pain that travels down an arm and many other conditions. This gentle therapy gently stretches the neck or back to relieve pain, reduce tension/spasm and help hydrate intervertebral discs.


The phrase "No Pain. No Gain." rarely has a place in healthcare, but with Graston, a little pain goes a long way to toward gaining better function. While getting Graston done to you may not "feel great" patients keep coming back for more because it just plain works. Graston is an "Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Technique" designed to restore function to injured areas by breaking up scar tissue or adhesions under the skin which limit function and mobility of the tissue. Graston works great for sports injuries, golfers or tennis elbow patients, sprains/strains or just to loosen up tissue before an adjustment.

Posture Correction

We spend a lot of time looking down theses days... a LOT! Looking at our phones. Looking at our computers. Looking down to read and write. After awhile, gravity takes affect on us and we start resembling a great grandparent with a hump back. Fight back against gravity with our Posture Correction Program and maybe next year, you won't have to go as the Hunchback of Notre Dame to the Halloween party. Oh, and those daily headaches, neck and back pains are going to go away too. Pretty cool, huh?

Muscle Stim

Muscle Stim and Ultrasound are standard operating procedure for most chiropractors. The reason is simple: it works. Not all muscle stim machines are built equal though (although most FEEL the same). All of the over the counter muscle stim devices you can buy on amazon or Walgreens are TENS units which work great for pain as long as you have it on, but that is where the benefit ends. Interferential units (found in most chiro offices) have the added benefits of reducing muscle spasm and inflammation and the effects last even after the treatment ends.

Therapeutic Exercise

The only thing more important than getting out of pain is staying out of pain. Therapeutic exercises help you do just that. These exercises aren't going to give you ripped 6-pack abs, but they might just hep you finish that next round of golf, play with your kids, finish that home improvement project, or simply sit at your desk job all day without pain getting n the way!